Our Favorite Salesforce App for 2016: Get Feedback

Get Feedback

Survey development and integration for Salesforce has always been about the low cost players Survey Monkey or Survey Force and the high cost leaders like ClickTools. When we started implementing Get Feedback for clients, my team was pleasantly surprised by the ease of data integration into Salesforce objects, even custom ones, and the ability for mobile view. We had tangled with the complexity of other survey platforms in the past and were less than pleased about the outcome - especially the inability for the client to easily update content and still maintain a full connection to Salesforce.

Our favorite features of Get Feedback:

  • Background design and hero imaging
  • Shapes for likert scale questions
  • Easy to program logic
  • Writing to custom objects, custom fields or both
  • Ability to create new records or simply update fields to standard objects
  • This makes the data transfer to reports and dashboards ideal
  • Pricing, while not cheap, is also reasonable for those looking to collect 60+ surveys per month

However, there are a few downfalls with Get Feedback:

  • Mobile layout, while simple and clean, is not customizable
  • Layout of questions and spacing is also not customizable
  • Reporting within the Get Feedback application is lacking; this is especially true for survey abandonment or completion rates
  • You must pay for the ability to email results to more than one "user", though this can be easily accomplished in Salesforce as well

We've been told Get Feedback will be improving customization and layout options for 2016, including mobile, so we are crossing our fingers. In addition, Get Feedback was acquired by Campaign Monitor at the end of 2014 and still had not smoothed over account management or billing issues. As a result, customer service during the evaluation and purchasing process can be complex for the client. Plan to spend in the $4,000 range for the Salesforce edition with two users for unlimited surveys and up to 10,000 responses per month.

As always, having a great platform and integration does not guarantee your survey will accurately capture data in a reliable and valid way. Evaluate your questions for leading or leanings, apply clear definitions to your questions and consider the timing of your survey delivery. 

We encourage you to check out Get Feedback. Let us know how we can help you integrate this valuable tool!