5 Tips to Make Your Next Event a Marketing Success

Make the work that you put into your next event work for you - before, during and after the event takes place. Get the maximum oomph for your efforts with careful planning and considerations for your CRM. Use these 5 tips as a guide to your most successful event yet, and the many more to come: 

5 Tips to Make Your Next Event a Marketing SuccessEventbrite

  1. Cross promote. Take advantage of all possible outlets, including social media – contact people where they want to be contacted. To reach them all effectively, use Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube etc. You might be surprised which one ends up driving the most attendees.
  2. Test your emails. If they aren’t getting the results you want, don’t resend the same email. The same goes for status updates and tweets. Be creative, be relevant and be shareworthy and remember – it’s about your audience, not you. 
  3. Invite local press and bloggers in the community or space. Their reach will outstretch yours and can even generate some extra excitement for your company even after the event is over. This can be a great way to organically grow your database.
  4. Track your progress, results and your ROI. This is where a CRM like Salesforce can be very beneficial. Don’t waste time you don’t have trying to manage a bunch of spreadsheets. Work more efficiently with everything online where the people who need the information can find it. Pull reports on a regular basis to manage progress.
  5. Utilize an event management program like ActevaRSVP or Eventbrite – both connect to Salesforce. 
  • ActevaRSVP syncs with Salesforce to help you easily set up and manage online event registration, payment processing, and private communities, without leaving the familiar Salesforce interface. 
  • If you use Eventbrite to manage RSVPs and ticketing for your events and you use Salesforce, Eventbrite Sync is a free app that imports your attendee information into Salesforce, records tickets checked in, can associate imported Lead or Contact records to a Campaign, and can create Opportunity records when payment transactions present.